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About StarrMatica


StarrMatica was created by Emily Starr, a fourth grade teacher, who was frustrated by the amount of time it took her to find or to create digital content to help her use the technology in her classroom.  StarrMatica is a library of 5,500 K-6 ELA, math, science, social studies, art and music simulations, animations, activities, games and assessments.  Content is searchable by grade, topic, state standard, Common Core, and textbook curriculums.

Teachers use StarrMatica for whole class instruction with flat panels or interactive whiteboards and use a digital backpack feature to personalize learning on laptops and tablets for response to intervention, differentiation, or enrichment. Scores are recorded in a classroom management system to monitor student progress as activities are completed at school or at home. StarrMatica is used on every brand of technology by thousands of teachers and students every day.   Click here to learn more about our story from our episode on IPTV’s Iowa Entrepreneur.